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Competition results
Open DPI and Prints September 20th 2023

Themed - Close Up December 13th 2023

Open DPI and Prints February 7th 2024

Sport - DPI and Prints May 1st 2024

Competition results
After Dark September 28th 2022

Open DPI and Prints September 7th 2022

Plant Life DPI February 22nd 2023

Open DPI and Prints April 19th 2023

Competition results
Open September 29th 2021

Woodland December 8th 2021

Open February 23rd 2022

Silhouettes April 20th 2022

Competition results
Open September 30th 2020

Ruins December 9th 2020

Open February 24th 2021

Tranquility April 21st 2021

Competition results
Open September 25th 2019

Sport - December 4th 2019

Open - February 26th 2020

Atmosphere - April 22nd 2020

Competition results
Monochrome September 2018

Open November 2018

Open March 13th 2019

Animals April 23rd 2019

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Members' Honours Brian Stubbs, LRPS 2018
Lachlan Fraser, LRPS 2012
Jim Eastaugh, LRPS
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