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Adobe RGB or sRGB in-camera?

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My camera offers me sRGB or Adobe RGB. Which should I use, and why?

Rob Cochran
2014-01-27 09:33:25
I've read so many pieces of advice on this, half of which recommend Adobe and half of which recommend sRGB!
I use Adobe, on the grounds that it's a larger colour space. Assuming that the camera records it properly, it provides a larger colour gamut for printing (including magazines and so forth) - if that's the intended end result. If the photos are for web use only then sRGB would be ok, but you can always convert them to sRGB in the computer.
Waiting to be corrected by somebody with greater technical knowledge than me!
Roger Lush
2014-03-10 05:59:50
Form my understanding of this matter, and a general consensus of professional opinion seems to be that the camera should be set to sRGB, certainly projectors display in this format, and Dicentra which we use for our competition DPI's will convert any Adobe RGB pictures to sRGB. Adobe RGB is the best option for prints though, as Rob says the colour space is larger.

Ultimately I suspect that the eye cannot tell the difference between them - mine certainly can't, I suppose the ultimate challenge is to print the same picture in both formats and play 'spot the difference'.

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