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Does less equal more?

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Does less equal more? Let me explain; like so many since the days of SLRs and now DSLRs we thought  having a selection of lenses and equipment in our camera bag would create perfect pictures, but does it? Do we spend too long deciding which lens to put on, which graduated filter to use, or even what camera to use, APS or full frame, and then lose focus (no pun intended) of what we use a camera for? The light bulb moment came for me when I bought a fixed lens camera. Zooming in or out was achieved by walking. Now I could think on only one thing; the picture. Am I alone with this retro view?

Rob Cochran
2014-02-07 13:54:43
I think it's certainly possible to get hung up on gear. I sometimes find myself wishing my bag wasn't quite so heavy, especially as I get older!
Although fixed focal length lenses or fixed lens cameras offer advantages in some circumstances, modern zooms are equally useful when you can't stand any closer to or further from the subject.
Horses for courses I reckon!
Andrew de Mora
2014-02-07 20:31:41
There is a good argument for a zoom, I when out today in the brief period of sun with two cameras, one with the fixed lens and the other with a 17-40mm zoom. I tried to take the same shots with both cameras to compare the results, in most cases I preferred the photos taken with the fixed lens, a quarter of the weight and able to slip into my pocket. there are times though when I go bird watching that you have to have long lenses and a more flexible camera, as you say horses for courses

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